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Problem Of Food Waste And Malnutrition Facts In Malaysia

Globally, one third of food produced for human consumption are lost or wasted, that is around 1.3billion tonnes. Food lost happens along the chain from producer to consumer, such as during the process of harvesting, packaging, distributing and transportation. Food waste which is more apparent happens when we discard close to before expiry dates food, poor physical appearance food and unfinished edible food. In Malaysia, out of 30million of population, around 9.5 million are children. 17.2% or around 400,000 children are stunted and 12.5% are underweight. On the other hand, 44% of the population is overweight and 15% is obese. The two issues causing a significant divide in the realm of malnutrition within the country. Globally, when around 821million of people are hungry, food waste is unacceptable. Food waste continues to impact our climate, land use due to unnecessary landfills as well as livelihoods.

What Is ‘Waw Tapao Bag’

‘WaW Tapao Bag’ is your imaginary food bag when you collect the day of unsold food from any restaurants or food stores. Since we are rescuing food that are usually thrown away, you will never know what you will receive until you collect it. ‘Tapao’ is our very Malaysian slang whether we pack food from home or from shops. Just walk in to your food rescued store and tell them you are getting ‘WaW TAPAO BAG’ today, you will surely be surprised!!

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