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What we do

Rescue surplus food while ending hunger and malnutrition


We are currently collecting donated food (dry or ready to eat) physically. We deliver directly to community in need of food, directly to individual families or community in need. This is largely dependent on the quantity of food available. We are currently serving more than 10,000 families in the Subang Jaya and beyond including rural areas community. Food that we collect ranges from dry food such as cereal, milk powder, biscuits and rice to perishable food such as vegetables, meat and ready-to eat food. They are usually days of unsold food or near expiry food that we saved. We also collect leftover food from events and caterings, where we would plan, measure and send to the nearest community in need from the point of collection. One of our breakthrough is also saving tonnes of imported frozen meats where we distributed directly to stray animals feeders.