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Frequently asked questions

What A Waste (WAW) is a Malaysian Social Enterprise started with the intention to reduce Malaysia’s food waste and to give back to the needy community. Our objective is to salvage as little as one portion of surplus food, and in order to make the platform more sustainable – we offer one free meal a day for the needy community through this initiative.
What a Waste (WAW) is an App based online platform. To be a food donor, log on to or download the App to register. Post a food and wait for the food to be collected. To be a food receiver or to recommend a deserving food recipient, simply fill up the form in our webpage and we will contact the recipient within shortest time possible. To join our team and to contribute, email to us at [email protected] or connect with us through our website.
Anyone with end of the day unsold food, such as restaurant owners, bakery shops, hoteliers, food courts, buffet restaurants, cafes, mixed rice outlets among others.
Any Malaysian who falls under the B40 group, and have food need among other daily essentials.
We do online and offline face-to-face assessment when a receiver is recommended or reached out to us. Recipients are also recommended to us through Charity Organizations in the Malaysia. Through our platform, high transparency is ensured as food is collected by the person who need food personally.
Through WAW initiative, we are able to reach out to more individual families that need food, whom had not been reached out before. Each deserving family will be able to select and redeem from a list of food options. The community will be able to choose what they like to eat on daily basis. WAW is able to reach out to the indigenous group, where according to a status report by the Children’s Rights Coalition in Malaysia – rural areas in Malaysia continue to have high rate of malnourished children.
A food donor only need to post a photo and wait for the food to be redeemed and collected. Absolutely no phone calls or logistic arrangement. There is no commitment as a food donor can donate on daily, every other days, monthly or during events whereby food waste is at its peak. The objective is to save surplus food as little as we have and to be put in meaningful use as soonest possible.

Currently NO due to the regulation by Ministry of Health in Malaysia, but we are looking into options to save food under this category. You may contact us if you have a good proposal, we are ready to embark in a working relationship with any organization having the same mindset that is Love Food Hate Waste.

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) defines the following:

  • A Sell by date indicates that a product should not be sold after that date if the buyer is to have it at its best quality
  • A Use by or Best by date is the maker’s estimate of how long a product will keep at its best quality. “They are quality dates only, not safety dates. If stored properly, a food product should be safe, wholesome and of good quality after its Use by or Best by date,” it says.

In Malaysia, it is an offence to sell food beyond its expiry date in Malaysia. Act 281 Section 24 of the Food Act 1983 prohibits the sale of food “not of the nature, substance and quality demanded” and sale of expired food falls under this. Upon conviction offenders face a stiff jail term up to five years or a fine, or both. Further, the Food Regulations 1985 mandates that all food packaging must bear a date marking. “Expiry date, “Use by”, Consume by” and “Best before” are all taken to mean the same thing, that is, the expiry date.