WaW can help to clear your UNSOLD food

Supermarket clearing low demand food (Image by WaW)

While we hear frequently ‘who is going to be responsible if there is food contamination’, or ‘hmmm it will ruin my brand if we give less fresh food’. The reality is that many supermarkets are trying to clear their food stocks at low price. Zoom in, we noticed a lot of clearance food turn bad or unusable in the end due to low or slow response, it takes time to clear and in the end, they may be ended up in the bin as well.

WHAT IF there is a quicker way and option to reach out to a wider community – an alternative to what you already been doing ? We are not talking about giving or selling to random public, rather our audience and receivers are from the B40 group or community that have food need and appreciate every food we give out. Are they worthy for you to reconsider your current solution in handling your surplus food ? Could this be indirectly your social responsibility portfolio, save food waste, save a family?

Each portion of food will get to reach out to a wider and variety of community in need of food ‘instantly’. What A Waste (WaW), is indeed a revolutionary way of food distribution. Donate or Sell your surplus food, your choice. What we need is a CHANCE, for you to help us to help the community and our environment!

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