Meet the team

Founder, CEO – Angela BY Tan

I am humbled and grateful by how a simple idea of rescuing surplus food and feed the marginalized community can be so impactful. We run from zero and have made a huge difference in many people’s lives. What A Waste is indeed a community platform creates for the community, we will continue to showcase sincerity, love, joy and passion in our works. Meet my amazing team, we’ll see you all very soon!

Quote : Rescuing Food is what we do, but to be able to feed a family is the ultimate joy!


Co-Founder, CCO – Alvin AJ Chen

Co-founder, Alvin Chen is formally trained in the profession of architecture and is the principal to his architectural design firm. His illustrious design portfolio ranges from high-rise condominiums to mixed development and various types of residential projects. He was deeply involved in a multitude of affordable housing schemes in Malaysia and other developing countries. Being also a Mensa member, Alvin is a regular face in a local architectural institute as a guest panellist. His involvement with the marginalised community through his projects coupled with his vast experiences in high level corporate dealings with both private firms and government agencies led Angela to inspire him to join WaW in the capacity as Co-founder.


Head of Communication and Operation – Syandya

As a Head of Communication & Operation, Syandya is the person who replies to all your enquiries and questions while commuting to/fro work by train. She also leads some food rescue missions and recruits Food Warriors. She loves making the world a greener place and by joining WAW, she hopes its a small step in that direction. Professionally, Syandya is a physiotherapist for the past 7 years in a semi-government hospital and recently completed her Bachelor in Applied Rehabilitation (Physiotherapy). She is a Budak Subang Jaya at heart who loves spending time with her family and hopes to explore the world. 

“The greatest threat to our planet is the belief that someone else will save it.” – Robert Swan

Ask Syandya About: Physiotherapy, Food, Themed-party planning or anything. She will do a comprehensive Google search and get back to you!


Finance and Project Leader – Beng

As the book keeper & a project lead for WAW, Beng zips around in her battered, hybrid mummy-mobile, trying to be of use to the WAW organization. She loves being part of WAW as she gets to see the efficient channelling of resources, and the look of delight on beneficiaries faces upon receiving food, whatever time of the day/night. Beng is still trying to complete her doctorate in Ministry after 8 years, and although nowhere near completion, she can often be found hiding out at cafes from her 3 kids (including a pair of twins!) happily finishing a meal and coffee in peace

“Grateful people don’t complain” – Beng
Ask Beng about: Nothing. But please feel free to teach her something anytime.


Creative Planner – Chelsea

As a Creative Planner, Chelsea Tan works on developing pipelines, streamlining processes, and providing project support to ensure WAW is able to optimize its resources and trusted community. She was inspired to join WAW’s mission in combating food wastage after seeing it happen first-hand while organizing many corporate events.

CT holds a BBA in Finance (IT Minor) from UMass Amherst, and has held roles in financial institutions, technology and management consulting. Most days, she can be found perfecting her sourdough bread recipe or lifting heavy weights.

“The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.”- Chinese Proverb

Ask Chelsea About: Baking, Food Adventures, Event Planning, Sustainable Lifestyle


Dietitian – Theeba

As a Dietitian, Theeba not only provide advice to WAW with regards to food nutrition and food safety measurements during food rescues. Theeba also believe in food sharing and an attitude of not wasting food among students and young children.

Theeba visioned to build lifelong healthy eaters by empowering children to make healthier choices by introducing nutritious school meals at young age. Therefore she founded Dietiva Solutions to provide healthy meals to school aged kids. Alongside, Dietiva Solutions provides daily healthy & therapeutic meals for adults & elderly, nutrition consultations as well as involved in community nutrition education.

Theeba is certified dietitian graduated from International Medical University, has held roles in international schools and elderly care industry in planning and developing healthy meal plans and managing the food service system. 

“If we are serious about combating the childhood obesity epidemic and improving child nutrition, then everyone must chip in – parents, schools, and yes even Congress.” — Tom Harkin-

Ask Theeba about: Nutrition, Kids food, healthy living, food service


Lawyer – Chin Ze Yi Joshua

Joshua Chin serves as the legal advisor of WAW. Currently a partner in Messrs Ze Yi & Kee, he resonates deeply with the vision and mission of WAW, and is desirous to ensure that WAW above board in its position, procedures and practices. 

Joshua predominantly advices clients from the construction industry and SMEs. He advocates early prevention, rather than last minute cure. When Joshua is not working, he enjoys reading and accompanied by a cup of coffee. 

“There is no greater tyranny than that which is perpetrated under the shield of the law and in the name of justice” – Charles-Louis de Secondat, Baron de La Brède et de Montesquieu

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Lawyer – Alvin Mun Gin Fai 

Alvin Mun is a legal practitioner and is currently practicing in Messrs Ze Yi & Kee. He specializes in employment matters, and focuses on advising start-up companies. 

His role is to ensure What A Waste conducts their “food saving” operation in compliance with the law, guidelines and approved standards. He was shocked to learn from reading the news that 55% of solid waste disposed at landfills in Malaysia comprises of food waste, and he observed first-hand from the corporate events he attended, the alarming amount of food that goes to waste. Alarmed by the statistic and his personal experience, he is determined to offer his services on a pro bono basis in the fight against food waste and climate change. Alvin always strives to finish his food, completely.

“It is no use saying ‘we are doing our best.’ You have got to succeed in doing what is necessary.” – Winston Churchill

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Al Mamun - AsifulMamun - SP: Ummay Habiba Mim

Web Developer – Al Mamun – (asifulmamun)

Al Mamun is a full stack web developer. He specializes in web development and his role in WaW is to ensure optimization and bug fixing for all the back end related information. Al Mamun is highly versatile and is passionate in his field of expertise. Al Mamun always find solution that suits the requirement of WaW and is a keen learner and researcher. 

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Creative Designer – Xiakira Lim

As a Designer, Xiakira works on various graphic materials needed to help spread awareness about food wastage and WAW’s missions. She first joined WAW’s missions with hopes to bring comfort to those in need. Currently being a fosterer to rescued and orphaned kittens/puppies; in addition to previous being part of Hawk Rover’s Scout Crew, she has seen the faces of those suffering from abuse and hunger, laying in contrast to wastage being seen practiced all around.

Xiakira holds a Degree in Interior Architecture and Design, and has practice in various design fields inclusive of Graphic Design, Interior Design, Furniture Craftworks and Photography. Besides her designing job, pets & plants care are her forte.

“There is no darkness – but ignorance (William Shakespeare)”

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