Holle Cereal Recipe

Holle Cereal, Rice Flavour

We were very thankful to receive Holle Biodynamic Cereal comprises of 3 different types. They were Rice Cereal (Blue packaging), Rice, Corn and Millet Cereal (Orange packaging) and Wheat Cereal (Red packaging). It is suitable for 6 months old and above, for kids or even adults.

Children receiving Holle Cereal and Pear Ginger Cakes contributed

During the distribution, we have community asking on how to prepare these cereal. To make things easy, listed is the most basic way to prepare it :


4 Tbsp Holle Cereal

150ml Milk of your choice

2 dried dates or any fruits of your choice

This is the simplest way to prepare it. For more recipes, kindly log on to https://whynotorganic.com.my/recipes/holle-biodynamic-cereal-recipes/

We will also like to use this opportunity to promote this cereal, retailed at RM31.90 and can be purchased at Justlife Store.


  • Biodynamic cereal breeding with certified varieties
  • No hybrid varieties are permitted in cereal production
  • Old cereal varieties are maintained
  • Harvested at full maturity
  • Contains the highest vitality
  • Characteristic taste
  • Regionalism promoted through the direct cooperation of farmer and processor

Credit : Justlife, Good Ground Cafe

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