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Malaysians waste up to 45kg of food at EVERY wedding but some don’t even end up in landfills

The Chinese New Year celebration meant family gatherings, gambling, food, food and MORE FOOD! And with a lot of food served during festivities like this, it would only lead us to one problem: food wastage.


According to data released by Solid Waste Management and Public Cleansing Corporation (SWCorp), Malaysians waste 15,000 tonnes of food on an average day. In addition, Malaysians reportedly waste 15% to 20% more food every festive season

That’s equivalent to 120,000 tonnes of food waste per month… or 343 million packs of medium-sized nasi ayam!!! And with the same amount of food wasted, 2.97 million people who live in hunger can get three meals per DAY. 

While this can be a worrying problem to us Malaysians (cos we loooooveeeee food so much), we recently found a group of people who are actually doing something with the excess food during festivities.

Leftover food from wedding is collected from wedding dinners

The food rescued from events or donors are packed at the venue itself and donors have the choice to pack the food by themselves or request WaW to pack the food for them. Once the food is packed, weighed and sealed, the rescued food will be immediately delivered to the nearest located beneficiary, normally urban poor people. WaW would normally inform these beneficiaries that they would be getting food prior to the mission.

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