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Free Food Coupons Ordeal

1,000 people dashed for just 200 free meals. Two elderly Malaysia women killed in mad rush for free food coupons
(Image: Facebook)

In lieu with the demise of two elderly in January 28th, while waiting for their turn to get free food coupons at the ICC Pudu, we can conclude that there are several important points worth looking into.

First of all, a standard of procedure (SOP) that may be gotten out of hands. With only 200 food vouchers available yet the turnout is 5 times more, simply means the demand for free food is real. Without proper supervision and procedure, people probably gushed in without considering the surrounding and 2 elderly thus became the victims in this unfortunate trauma.

We realized there are always more things that we can do to prevent mishap. Free food vouchers could be distributed to the needy before the actual day of food distribution. This would ensure the needy individual will be the ones that received as well as good control of the crowd on actual day. 200 food vouchers seemingly insufficient looking at this scenario. Numbering system is another method to ensure, only individual that have number in line will be around to collect allocated food. We continue to pray for the soul and peace of the victims and their families.

If you like to receive free meal or have someone to recommend, please reach out to us via or Log on to our website at for more information.

Source : new straits times